Instagram Influencer Research For Your Brand.

Get Affordable, High-Quality Influencer Research done By Talented Digital Marketing experts who specialize in Dropshipping, E-commerce and PR.

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Right from the start we need to understand and learn everything possible about your business. Every niche has it own underwater stones we need to make sure we ready for it!


Analyse Data

To deliver the best quality work we take time to analyse every single piece of information we have. 

24 Hours

Starting Research

Based on the requirements and analytical data  we start researching Influencers. Depending on the quantity of Influencers needed initial list may consist of 300 Influencers and up to 1000+

2 - 7 Days

Professional Email

To represent your company in the best way possible and make sure we have a high open rate we write a professional email copy including all the necessary information about a possible collaboration for influencers to make a decision would the be interested in working with your company or not.

2 Days

Launching Campaign

Start contacting Influencers via platforms, emails, social media.

2 Days

Waiting for replies

Influencers are real people. They are busy and receive tens or sometimes hundreds of inquiries daily. Based on our experience and using developed our the years' techniques, we manage to get  influencers attention even during the holiday season.

3 Days


Our goal is to make sure you get the best deal for your buck, and Influencers offer fair compensation for their service. We have successfully negotiated over 500+ helping businesses collaborating with Influencers of all sizes.

2 Days

Winners List

After careful research, filtering out bad and unfair offers, checking influencer's reputations, we will create a report with all the information about Influencers who 100% agreed to work with your business and available promotion options. Yes! Feed post, Stories, Video Review, Carousel posts, Live Streams. Everything you might need will be there for you.

24 Hours


Hurray 🥳! The order will be delivered to your email via google doc with carefully outlined information. And if you have any questions we are here to help!